Many thanks for the many submissions to the Call for Presentation 2020!

The deadline for applications as a speaker for the DATA festival 2020 has expired - the programme will be announced soon.

Are there any other questions? Simply contact us at!

For an exciting and interesting program we are looking for

methods and technologies as well as projects and use cases:

Data Science & Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Text Mining & Semantic Search

Speech & Image Recognition

Predictive Analytics

Statistical Learning

Governance & Compliance

Data Engineering & Architecture

Data Integration and Preparation


Data Lake Architecture

Security & Privacy

Big Data Architecture

Big Data Platforms


Data Visualization & Analytics

Information Design

Geo-/Spatial Analytics

DevOpsGraph Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Data Discovery


IoT Analytics

Fast Data

Streaming & Event Processing

Real Time Analytics

Data Virtualization

Infrastructure & Databases

Cloud Storage & Computing

NoSQL Databases

Distributed Databases

Agile Development



Extreme Programming


Smart Contracts

New Business Models

Data Ethics

Data Ownership


Data Privacy


Data Collection