Live IoT Use Case demo in  E-Commerce Logistics (EN)

Live IoT Use Case demo in E-Commerce Logistics (EN)

10:00 - 10:30 | Festivalstage | IoT

The “SmartFab Box” system, created by PULS with freely available standard software, transmits measurement data (vital data of a system: in particular voltage and current values, but also temperature or more complex measurement values; similar to the pulse and blood pressure in humans) from the application directly into a cloud. The connection is made independently via LTE from the sensitive company/factory network. In this way, the “vital data” of a machine/system is sent to a cloud in the same way as “Smart Watches”, but with significantly higher security and runtime requirements. Using a dashboard, users can view their data via in real time, create their own evaluations and export them to standard data formats at any time.
Application-specific calculations are handled by algorithms in the cloud and in the respective data collectors. The cloud provides all APIs to IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and other established vendors. The cloud system can communicate and act autonomously via MQTT, email or Twitter. Puls provides its customers with a Smart-Fab-Box to simplify configuration and hardware selection. An integration into existing switch cabinets or systems is possible non-invasively with little effort, similar to the creation of a Smart Watch from humans.
The first application: The first installation in a leading German logistics centre was extremely positive. The system is already firmly integrated in a conveyor line in the trough buffer store of this customer. Thanks to integrated SmartFab boxes and a PULS power supply in its application, the customer already has direct online proof of the savings in euros and the concrete savings potential per system with this power supply. In addition, the customer has direct access to CO2 savings. A potential savings per power supply unit compared to our competitors could thus be identified in a transparent and traceable manner and can be viewed in real time via
The status display and the corresponding statistics already show the capacity utilization of the plant section. All evaluations are consistent from shop floor to top floor and always up-to-date (user administration and customizing included). If a roller drive is blocked, it can be immediately notified by email, MQTT or other protocols. The non-invasive measurement in the application enabled the generated savings of the PULS power supply unit to be determined openly, transparently and with high precision without the need for time-consuming calculations with assumptions. Purchasing decisions are therefore transparent and visible to all stakeholders in the company

Ulrich Ermel, Director New Business Development, PULS GmbH