Speaker for the Data Festival 2019 in Munich wanted

Following its successful start in 2018, the Data Festival is entering its second round. The conference is the first platform in German-speaking countries to network data experts and promote mutual exchange. Speakers can apply for the conference until October 7, 2018.

Whether Data Scientists, Data Engineers, AI or Machine Learning experts, analysts, software developers or scientists: the Data Festival 2019 will network data experts for the second time and show the latest techniques and technologies for Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Visualization and Data Engineering. Until October 7, 2018, experts from these fields can apply  for one of the speaker slots using the online form : https://www.datafestival.de/call-for-presentation. The presentations are intended to present concrete solutions to problems and their implementation to a technically adept audience. On the one hand, the presentation offers the opportunity to pass on one’s own expertise and position with regard to future-oriented technologies and, on the other hand, to network with companies and other data experts.  The aim is to provide participants with further training and an exchange on new and successful techniques and technologies in artificial intelligence, data science and data engineering. Speakers will receive a free conference ticket as well as a half-price ticket for one accompanying person.

Germany struggles to catch up in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

The three-day conference will take place from March 19 to 21, 2019 at the Muffatwerk in Munich. The event was initiated by the independent consulting and analyst firm BARC and the data science consultancy Alexander Thamm GmbH and took place for the first time in Munich in April 2018. In addition to the conference, further exchange formats will be established in future under the Data Festival brand in order to become the central platform for the data community in German-speaking countries.  “Compared to China and the USA, Germany lags far behind in terms of AI and Big Data,” says Alexander Thamm, Managing Director of Data Festival GmbH. “In order to counteract this and bring together the leading minds in these future-oriented areas, we have created the Data Festival. We also want to talk openly about taboo topics: “During the conference, we also want to talk about problems and find out together what we can learn from such challenges. The right environment for this is our fuck-up session, in which failures are openly addressed,” says Dr. Carsten Bange, founder and CEO of BARC.


About the Data Festival

The Data Festival is a three-day conference in which experts and companies from the fields of artificial intelligence, data science and data engineering discuss current technologies and future trends. The aim is to network the data community in Germany in order to learn from experience, transfer knowledge and exchange information on future developments. Further formats and exchange opportunities such as Meet-Ups and Roadshows are to be created for the future. www.datafestival.de