AI Kickstart – from Hype to operationalisation within a few months

19.03. | 12:15 - 12:45 | data.stage

Ströer is the biggest billboard and online advertiser in Germany. We are coming from a business with long history and want to share our learnings in AI and Automatisation with other companies. In our presentation we will explain how we managed to have a long-term strategy in IT while having a business that demands quick results!

We will showcase how we developed AI Solutions with the help of our partners and how we try to manage the necessary change in working habits and infrastructure- #sneakpreview:

  • Infrastructure and Working – Workforce Ströer Data to break silos and build an infrastructure which fits our daily business and AI demands
  • Image Recognition – anonymization of 800.000 pictures and videos
  • Image Recognition – checking up to 100.000 billboard pictures a week to see if they are at the right place and in the right condition (with Aiso Lab & Alexander Thamm GmbH)
  • Data – Lead scoring through evaluating many external and internal Data Points
  • Robotic / Automatisation – How we use RPA and AI for the automatization of daily high volume daily workloads
  • …and many more!
We want to emphasize how important good management and tolerance for failure is. Clear time boxing and KPIs are the key to success!


Jens Hütter (Ströer SE & Co. KGaA)