Become a Citizen Data Scientist and Close the Skills Gap in your Organization

18.03. | 13:45-15:15 |

As organisations look to enrich their approach to advanced analytics, employees company-wide are filling the skills gap. These are today’s citizen data scientists, dedicated to solving problems and building solutions with data, no matter what their background is. For them to truly exceed, they need powerful, enabling technology and a framework to use it.

In this workshop we will be discussing how to become a Citizen Data Scientist by using visual workflows to:

  • Create an analytical dataset by inputting, cleaning, formatting and blending different data sources in preparation for the analysis
  • Investigate the data to identify meaningful relationships
  • Build and validate different algorithms and predictive models code-free & also code-friendly
  • Score new data and productionize the outcomes

Speaker: Oliver Wahner (Alteryx GmbH)