Bridge the Gap! How to collaborate and improve your Machine Learning projects

18.03. | 10:45 - 12:15 | workshop(0)

Despite the promise of Data Science and investments in Data Science teams, inefficient workflows are holding companies back from realizing the full potential of machine learning. Do you want to improve your Machine Learning workflow? Then join us and experience how Business Users and Data Scientists can collaborate and realize Data Science projects, which have a significant business impact.

Based on a use case you will go live through an end-to-end process – from collaboratively defining an idea in a very simple fashion, to realizing the idea and creating a model with sophisticated tools and to quickly visualizing the results in order to create significant business impact. Join, get the most out of your data and make your organization smarter!

Requirement for participation for the Hands-On Session: own laptop on site. Oracle cannot provide laptops for the participants.


Cesar Ortiz (Oracle Deutschland BV & Co KG)
Sascha Hagedorn (Oracle Nederland BV)