Creating a GDPR-compliant Customer Analysis System on Google Cloud Platform

18.03. | 13:45 - 15:15 | tech.stage

At Otto Group, Europe’s largest fashion retailer, we provide our subsidiaries (OTTO, Bonprix, About You, Witt, Baur, etc.) with a GDPR-compliant customer analysis system with roughly 104 million customer accounts, their billions of orders, and their surfing behaviour. This system allows our subsidiaries to better address their customers and create a more personalized customer experience based on the group-wide available data of our customers while still preserving their privacy. In this talk we present details of this system and its recent reimplementation on Google Cloud Platform using Googles managed services (App Engine, Datastore, Dataflow, Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, etc.).


Dr. Christoph Stockhusen (Otto Group GmbH)