Data-driven acquisition strategy for B2B sales (EN)

Data-driven acquisition strategy for B2B sales (EN)

11:45 - 12:15 | data.stage | Energy

The aim of the analysis was to support B2B sales in such a way that their competence is clearly, quickly and easily understood at the customer appointment.

For this purpose, it was necessary to create an interactive document for the customer meeting. The document enabled the key account manager to create a sector-specific just-in-time analysis of the customer’s energy efficiency together with the customer.

As an additional requirement, the interactive document on paper (Din A4) had to work.

discussions, text mining, regression analysis, correlation analysis, paper

The above requirements were met and have already been successfully implemented at the customer’s site.

By entering two values available at the customer, e.g. energy consumption and consumption of operating resources, the energy efficiency of the customer could be determined directly. Or, if the customer did not know the information directly, the consumption of operating resources could be determined on the basis of the turnover. Or vice versa. Or the energy consumption can be determined on the basis of the employees. Or the turnover.

The various evaluation options with the interactive document enable the key account to immediately (i) conduct a competent customer discussion, (ii) offer the appropriate products and (iii) coordinate the next joint steps.

Dominik Hülsmeier, Digitalisierungsverantwortlicher Strom- und Wärmeerzeugung, SWM Services GmbH