Integrating SAP data into a modern analytics warehouse on Google Cloud in an automated fashion

18.03. | 16:15-16:45 | festival.stage

Transforming an organization to become more data driven usually presents a set of technological challenges. In this session you will learn how to integrate existing applications data in real time to achieve a usefull critical mass of explorable data.


  • Introduction
  • Transforming the organization
  • Defining data driven business
  • Typical corporate data landscape incl. SAP
  • Target: Google Cloud platform (KPIs, analytics, data science)
  • Data Integration with immovable objects
  • Operational constraints
  • What is CDC (Change Data Capture) in the context of Data Warehouse Automation?
  • Implementation & Learnings
  • Results
  • Outlook / Roadmap
  • Thank you
  • Q & A


Speaker: Matt Krenzel (E. Breuninger GmbH & Co)