Ausgewählte Vorträge des Data Festivals 2018

Vielen Dank an alle Speaker, Besucher und Sponsoren.

How to Transform a Global Company into a Data Driven Leader | Alexander Borek & Alexander Thamm

Each Data Transformation Journey is different, but there are some solution patterns that can help in traditional industries. The presentation will explore the following questions on how to drive the change towards a truly data driven enterprise:

  • How can you implement data at the heart of your business to enhance your customer’s experience of your brand?
  • How to set the right environment to launch your data projects in an agile way that allow you to fail fast and move on for a quicker route to success?
  • How can you create a modern data culture that will revolutionise company operations to get the most out of working with your data assets and drive your business forward?
  • How can you keep the right balance between investments to incorporate new technologies (e.g. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies) and the basic groundwork to make sure your company is ready to absorb them?

Dr. Alexander Borek, Head of Smart Data & Analytics, Volkswagen AG
Alexander Thamm, CEO, Alexander Thamm GmbH

What is the big in (Big) data? And how lean can your data be… | Dat Tran

Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Tensorflow, Spark, Flink, Big Data, Smart Data, Hadoop, IoT, Agile, Cloud… There has been a lot of hype around those buzzwords and no they are not names of any Pokemons. In this talk, I want to make some sense out of the buzz nowadays. I will share some of my war stories as well as my own experiences in building up a data science team at the largest price comparison service in Germany.

Dat Tran, Head of Data Science,

Data is the new Oil (EN) | Valentine Gogichashvili

Data has become the magic word across the world. “Data is the new oil”. When we talk about data, we should not forget, that, as oil, it should be first harvested, then refined, and only then it can be used, to fuel the engines of the statistical and machine learning systems to generate insights, understand what our customers want, and make correct decisions faster than others.
We at Zalando – one of the biggest online fashion retailers in Europe – are working hard on making data be that oil for us. I will cover the problems of harvesting and understanding data and will talk on where we at Zalando succeed and where we still need to do more progress on making data – the fuel of our future.

Valentine Gogichashvili, Head of Engineering, Zalando SE

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